MIDERI is a Basel architectural firm with offices in Barcelona and Medellín, founded by Miquel del Río and focused in the intersection of building and designing of custom made projects.

MIDERI is internationally known thanks to the refurbishment of the Kaserne Basel and other cultural projects.
Its architecture production expands also to urban planing, intermediate projects as OAC Girona, and small “guerrilla projects” as QTP.

With a foot in tailor made public space, office layouts and exhibition design, this physical production sphere is complemented with a conceptual production sphere that crystallises in continuous lectures around the world.

Our unique approach to architecture is based on the believe that only excellent design and construction will create loved and socially engaged buildings, and thus further used and preserved. We see preservation and continuous use as the strongest tools for a sustainable architecture: a long living architecture is an architecture with less waist, less resources involved and a safe place for interactions in multiple levels.
We dream, project and build an architecture for all, an architecture built in the present and thought for the future users.

Navigate through the upper tabs to find more about who we are, what we do and what we think or start navigating through this three projects:

  • Kaserne
  • OAC Girona
    OAC Girona
  • Quartier Treffpunkt
    Quartier Treffpunkt